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Jenna et Xavier- Grand Hôtel des Sablettes - La Seyne-sur-Mer 2022

Ania et Romain Le Film Court métrage Best of

Mariage en Provence by Nicolas Raffi Vidéaste | Wedding in Provence

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My name is Nicolas Raffi, I started my business in 2010, I filmed more than 200 weddings in Provence and South of France and I was the first videographer in France to propose aerial photography with drone for a wedding. I have all the necessary authorizations and insurances for this. I am french but I speak  a quite fluent English and spanish because I travel a lot .
My qualities are the discretion in shooting and the special attention I pay to the "reporter" side of my work. I want to restore the wedding as it was without interfering too much.
Capturing maximum emotion from a distance is my primary objective.
On the editing side, I stand out for the dynamism and emotion of my films. I like to say that I did my job well if I am able to make people cry and laugh in a same movie.
I am also distinguished by the delivery of almost 1h30 of Making of in which you can find all the highlights of your wedding such as speeches, entries, choreography, dances, etc... Finally , icing on the cake, I realize a Videobooth (zapping interviews of your guests) included in my premium formula

When I finish the season of the Wedding videos, I am the official videographer of the French Kitesurf Federation (I am myself passionate about all kinds of skiing: Surf, Kitesurf, Paddle, etc.). Sometimes I’m asked if I’m doing wedding out of necessity more than out of pleasure:
I like to answer that making Wedding movies is what I prefer for three very specific reasons:
-1- on the one hand, because leaving a mark in the eternity of a family every time I press the button on my camera is a unique privilege usually reserved for writers and great men
-2- on the other hand, because the constant evolution of the technique on video over the last 10 years makes my job extremely interesting because it is very evolutionary. Ten years ago, I would never have been able to get close to this aspect of cinema at this point in a wedding report. Today they are real films worthy of great productions. I progress at every wedding and this is really great.
-3- Finally because if we compare to cinema, the profession of videographer of weddings is a real job of action. With our fellow photographers, we sometimes have only a few seconds to decide to make this or that plan and above all, we have no right to make a mistake. The adrenaline from this job is just great.

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Here is the best place to check my work. Push on the button, take your time, breathe and feel the energy !!!! Then contact me :-)